Sundays: 8am and 10:30am and Wednesdays at 6pm

Morning Glories

 Trinity Morning Glories


We are a daytime women’s group here at Holy Trinity.  Our focus is on the spiritual and service to others.  Along the way, we share food, work, laugh, chat and pray together!  Please join us!


Note:  Our meetings will always be the 3rd Monday at 10:00 (exception: Dec. will be the 2nd Monday).


On February 19, 2024, 31 women gathered for our meeting.  Thank you to Betty Henderschedt for playing our opening song, “Good Morning, Lord.”


Our devotion was given by BJ Kunkel.  She told us there are four disciplines during Lent and then she concentrated on Prayer.  She cited numerous Bible verses and explained that prayer was our partnership with God.  When people ask “Where is God and why is the world in such turmoil?” BJ reminded us that Prayer is the weapon that God has given us.  She explained there are 8 different types of prayer and gave examples of each:  faith, agreement, petition, thanksgiving, worship, consecration, intercession and to the Holy Spirit.  She shared her most successful way to pray, which she calls the alphabet prayer.  Using each letter, she prays for a specific person or a group of people, such as “G” for Gretchen or “U” the people of Ukraine.  And ended her devotion with a resounding “Amen!”


Tom Lubben, member of Holy Trinity and author of “The Eyewitnesses:  Bystanders of the Miracles of Jesus” was our speaker this month.  Tom started writing late in life, after age 70.  He gave us a history of his journey in faith.  In the book “The Eyewitnesses” he created a character and backstory for an ordinary person for 10 of the significant events in Jesus’s life.  Some of the events he chose were the birth of Jesus, the Sermon on the Mount and the Last Supper. 


Ongoing Projects/New Business: 


Birthdays: The birthdays for February were acknowledged.  Again, thanks Karen Frankenfield for our birthday cards.


Correspondence:  Thank yous from Easterseals and Carole Lubben were read.  The letter from Cay Galgon Lifehouse explained how they were losing funding in the amount of $200,000 from the state, canceling a 30 year program.  Some cutbacks will have to be made to keep the Lifehouse open.  It was noted that the Morning Glories will again do the Baby Bottle campaign in May.  Sandi Smith and Diane Carfara will spearhead it.


Thinking of You Card Ministry:  Sandi Smith, Diane Jones and Trevor Smith have once again done a terrific job getting them together.  Sandi shared how appreciative she was when receiving cards from Morning Glories last month when she and Trevor were ill.


Turning Point used cell phone collection:  (Linda Wiland): Linda told us that Turning Point cannot accept laptops but is still accepting cell phones and other electronics.  She has 3 phones and a Garmin to turn in.  She will see that any laptops she receives are properly recycled.


Take a look at the bulletin board created by Kathy Nattress, reminding us that “Love Makes the World Go Round.”


September 14, 2024 “Murder at the Moulin Rouge”:  An “Angel” has donated $500 toward the cost of the Murder Mystery so we will owe the remaining $1,100 on the day of the show.  Liz Burda will again do the catering. 


Janis Charvala secured a 2024 Lenten calendar from ELCA World Hunger for each Morning Glory.  Thanks, Janis.


Lois McAllister was unable to contact Women of Excellence for a speaker in July.  She suggested that we have the Twilight Wish Foundation instead.  They grant wishes to senior citizens.  The members decided that they would enjoy hearing more about this organization.  Lois will make the arrangements, hopefully in July. 


Collection Items:  Linda Wiland will deliver our sox collection to the Bethlehem Emergency Sheltering Center.  There were 64 women’s pairs and 161 men’s pairs for a total of 235 pairs donated.  Last year our collection was 275.  Our largest collection was in 2020 with 528 pairs!


Distribution of Offering:   Our offering this month was $376.00 added to the interest from the Lee Ann Webb Memorial` for a total of $463.37.  Members decided to send two $25 SCRIP cards to Cay Galgon Lifehouse, as is our usual practice; $100.00 will be sent to Easterseals Camp Growing Green in memory of Karen Faust, Morning Glory who passed away in November.  $150.00 will be used for SCRIP cards for the Overdorfs and $163.00 to the Pastor’s Discretionary Fund.         


Since Sept. 2008, $73,272.58 has been donated to special causes; this does not include all the non-monetary donations that have been made over the past 15 years which probably equal that amount.


Future Dates:


Monday, March 18, 2024, 10:00

Devotions – Linda Wiland

Speaker:  Family Promise, Barb Fister, point person

Collection:  Gift cards to groceries with gas stations(Weis, Giant, WaWa); toilet paper; juice boxes; snacks suitable for older children; sponges for cleaning; hand soap pump bottles; laundry detergent pods or sheets

Food:  Hoagies

Ham – Paula Kesack; Turkey – Vicki Chimics; Provolone cheese – Diane Lindeman; Hoagie seasoning –  Linda Wiland; chips – Michelle Kasunik; lettuce, tomatoes, onion – Diane Czar; Rolls – Cheryl Kneiss

Dessert – Linda Wiland;

Fruit – Diane Carfara

Drinks:  1 gallon iced tea and 1 gallon lemonade – Sue Marakovits


Monday, April 15, 2024, 10:00:

Devotions:  Karen Frankenfield

Speaker: Pastor Jimmy Lee and Mel Werley — Jamie Silvonek update

Collection:  TBD

Food:  Brunch

Egg/Sausage Casserole – Pat Fried; Blueberry Coffee Cake – Mary Ann Gibbons

Dessert & Drinks:  open


Monday, May 20, 2024:  10:00

Devotions:  Sandi Smith

Speaker:  Hannah Votta-Coleman, Joyful Giving — Kathy Nattress, point person

Collection:  Cay Galgon Baby Bottles

Food:  Appetizers – Open

Dessert – Debbie Frey & Drinks – Debbie Daddona


Monday, June 17, 2024:  10:00

Devotions:  Open

Entertainment:  Rob Ballonoff – Sue Marakovits, point person

Collection:  Summer Lunch Program

Food:  Picnic Lunch


Monday, July 15, 2024:  10:00

Devotions:  Open

Speaker:  Twilight Wish Foundation – Lois McAllister, point person

Collection:  TBD

Food:  Barbecue

Dessert & Drinks:  Open


Special note:  There will be Ice cream sundaes in August.