Sundays: 8am and 10:30am and Wednesdays at 6pm

You Matter

         Faith Formation-                              our thoughts matter

9am- 4th Sunday of Month Sunday School

10am -Monday God Talk

10am- Thursday Bible Study

Catasauqua Community Cares-    our worries and doubts matter

Partners with Catasauqua School District, local government, agencies, and businesses.  Together we can tackle many issues.  Together we can raise children who thrive in life and are difference makers in our world.  Together our doubts and worries ease.

                 Food Security-                                 our struggles matter            
  • Mon-Th. 9:30am Breakfast Bunch Coffee and snack
  • Wed. 4-5:30pm “Warm Up Wednesday” (last soup will be March 27th) FREE SOUP